Christmas Extragavanza Event!
Christmas Extravaganza Event!

First, my apologies for not posting last week. Totally consumed with preparations for a “Christmas Extravaganza” event held last Saturday! Our local elementary school sponsored this event. With being new to Gatesvillle, retired and not working, it has been difficult to get my name out in the community. Above is a peek of my table set up for the event. This was the first time I’ve participated in a “Vendor” type of event and I thought this would be a good way to get some local exposure. Overall, I learned from the event and it was a great experience!

A small display board was set up featuring “Kits” on one side. The other side of the board displayed Christmas cards. I handcrafted several items to sell at the event, “Nugget Trays”, “Candy Bar Sliders”, “Christmas Crackers”, “Gift Card Holders” and “Post-It Note Holders”. It was soooo much fun designing and creating these items and for the most part they were a hit! Most everyone gives “Gift Cards” these days. The “Candy Treats” make great stocking stuffers or even a small gift for a co-worker. I had a few leftover items but have plans to connect with those that could not make the event. The remaining items will probably be gifts for my family and friends.

Stop by later this week as I have several Christmas card creations to post in the next few weeks!